Essential oils today are renowned for their variety of uses and benefits, as well as for providing solutions to everyday problems. Using them aromatically is extremely convenient and simple. They offer immediate benefits, such as promoting a calm and stable environment, contributing to an uplifting or energizing atmosphere, freshening the air, and more.

The power of aroma can transform your entire day. Let’s say, for example, you wake up on a Monday morning not ready to face the week. Instead of settling into that tone for the day, you could diffuse the bright aroma of WILD ORANGE or BERGAMOT essential oil. Like this you will create a cheerful and energizing environment which prepares you for the day.

Here’s another example. Let’s say at the end of a long, frustrating day at work, you return home exhausted and tensed up. To dispel the tension, diffuse an essential oil with a calming aroma, like LAVENDER or ROMAN CHAMOMILE essential oil to create a tranquil and relaxing environment at home.

See how easy it is to use the power of essential oils tailored to your situation at that moment. Because each essential oil has a different chemical makeup, and each person is different, no two people will have the exact same reaction when inhaling the aroma of essential oil. However, certain essential oils have specific chemical elements that help promote a generally calming, relaxing, grounding, energizing, or soothing environment.