Natural Oils – The Strength of dōTERRA for You

dōTERRA goes to great lengths to bring you the most effective pure essential oils in the world so you will feel empowered to take care of your health and well-being.

With a global botanical network that includes growers from over 45 countries, dōTERRA begins the quest for quality essential oils by ensuring that only the best seeds, soil, equipment and growing conditions are used in the oil production process. By partnering with growers who have a deep understanding of native plants, local climate, weather patterns, what seeds and soil to use, the best time to plant, etc…, dōTERRA produces pure, potent and safe essential oils.

You will be pleased to note that, while you are enjoying high quality essential oils, dōTERRA provides decent and suitable jobs for rural farmers - who might otherwise experience unfair wages or poor working conditions. When growers partner with dōTERRA, they receive fair remuneration that allows them to support their business and provide for their family through a sustainable income.

 After careful harvesting and distillation, each batch of essential oil is sent to dōTERRA’s state-of-the-art lab to be tested. To guarantee the highest level of quality, the company has created CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ testing process. With rigorous criteria, the CPTG™ standards certify that dōTERRA oils do not contain added fillers, or harmful contaminants, but are pure and authentic. 

With so many other products on the market, we want you to feel confident that you have essential oils that really work – natural solutions you can count on. After all, when it comes to taking care of your family, we know you want the best possible support. 

Experience the strength of dōTERRA for yourself and see how pure, effective, and responsibly sourced essential oils can make all the difference.