doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation - a non-profit organisation

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® is a United States-registered non-profit organization. doTERRA International provides for all overhead and administrative costs of the foundation, ensuring that 100% of all donations go directly to those receiving aid. 

Since 2010 doTERRA® has carried the culture of the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation around the globe by supporting and encouraging numerous projects, programmes, and initiatives.  Among the various initiatives we find:

  1. HOPE - Fighting human trafficking through prevention, rescue and aftercare.
  2. Access to clean water and sanitation in various locations.
  3. Disaster relief.
  4. Empowering women to gain education, or working to provide for themselves and their families.
  5. Global health for many people living in remote locations.
  6. Supporting children who find themselves in undesirable situations.
  7. Providing self-reliance by empowering individuals to help themselves, their families and their communities. Through efforts like micro-credit lending, mentoring and education programmes and partnerships with Co-Impact Sourcing – helping people build a better life for themselves.

 doTERRA offers two products for sale that their proceeds go directly to one if the causes of The Healing Hands Foundation. These are:

  • The doTERRA Spa Rose Hand Lotion
  • doTERRA new Hope Touch Blend (10 ml)

For more info and donations, please visit The Healing Hands Foundation on: